Twitter Cards Analytics - data for Retweets available but nothing for URL Clicks and Install Attempts


Hello there,

I am trying to understand the Analytics for Twitter Cards and experiencing some trouble doing so.

What sort of volume is needed for the different parts of analytics data to be displayed/available? I get data in the Retweets tab meaning that our App Card works for sure since I see it as enabled in the Card Types section. However, for the other two tabs I still get “Data not available” even though that Twitter appears as a referral on our website and clicking the URL in a card should be exactly what URL Clicks measure, right? I realize that Twitter as a referral does not necessarily mean a click from the card but at least some of them should… is there a known threshold you need to hit with these? Is it the same for URL Clicks and Install Attempts?

Any kind of advice or help is more than appreciated!