Twitter Card Won't Show




Why Twitter Card won’t show from “share” button? If I type the url only it show. But if the url from share button is not showing?

Can somebody help?


I don’t think it is expected that the card shows in a preview. The card will only show up after the user posted the Tweet.


No. I knew that.

I already tried to tweet it but still no preview. Yesterday I write down my url and just tweet the card will appear. Now it’s not, but twitter card validator is valid.

plus, when I share from button, even when I already post the tweet the card won’t appear.

I confused now, please help.


Update: Now it’s work from share url but not working from type to tweet. hmmm…


As with all questions related to cards, we are unable to assist if you do not provide an example URL.


this is my url:


I just typed that into a new Tweet and the card was posted correctly. There are no issues that I can see here.


please see this screenshot


There is no additional text in that Tweet, so there would be nothing to display if only the card was shown.


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