Twitter card validator working But not showing image when sharing in website


hi ,
i have created twitter card in my site.twitter card validator working fine but not showing image when sharing twitter page.

Twitter sharing:


The URL you are posting in your Tweet does not match the one you have validated. I just Tweeted your base domain and the card works fine.

If I try to fetch this from the domain using curl -A Twitterbot then the response contains no Twitter card markup. It looks like you are performing a redirect in Javascript, and the cards crawler does not execute Javascript, so the final page (and markup) is never resolved.


hi andypiper ,
Thank you for reply to me…!
i have set up twitter card(meta tags) for Following URL


hi andypiper,
The above url is working in twitter card validator .when i tweet on my twitter page they show only url and image not to fix this error …i waiting for your best reply…thank you…!


You must use a full DNS URL not an IP address when you Tweet out a card link.


i have changed DNS URL but same problem is there when tweet.


Looks fine to me - see this Tweet on the Twitter website where the card is displayed as expected


Thank you andypiper, its worked fine . thank you…!


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