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Hi, i’m trying to validate my page and it’s title but the card validator tool preview doesn’t seem to update and is not working at this point.
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I just ran that URL through the validator and the summary card appears to match what I see on your page.


This is a common issue, Twitter almost never has current card information for Twitch. I’m having this problem at the moment also.


I’d like to chime in on this issue. It’s been bugging me most of the time. Sometimes it validates and changes the Twitch card, but not nearly enough. This issue, as far as I know, has been lingering around for quite some time already so I’m not holding my breath for it to be fixed. Let’s hope for the best though!


Thank you guys for the feedback.
@andypiper , thank you for your time. By the time you ran it through it probably had refreshed the value to what it should be or however it works. Although, often times when i change my title on and then go to the validator tool and try to update the value of the preview for twitter, for whatever reason it does not do that. Last time i had a problem with it and contacted this board it just didn’t update for hours, maybe even for more than 24 hours. I tried the validator + ctrl F5 for my browser to refresh properly but still the old title value persisted. I don’t know if it’s on side, which might as well be or twitter side?


Have you tried using a query parameter or a link shortener to force a refresh, as described in the troubleshooting guide?


TBH, it seems a bit confusing and complicated for an end user, which i am. End users which most twitch streamers seem to be, shouldn’t take coding lessons and delve into the depths of how twitter works in order to display simple title updates. Just my humble opinion on the matter and i understand it probably is somewhat difficult task to overcome this technically?. Although i have some coding skills it still seems like an overkill to mess around with it like this.
I tried this url shortening stuff but i’m not sure if i understood it correctly or if it is working in my case. DIdn’t try other options. What is the exact issue with updating these cards? I understand it’s technological capabilities are somewhat limited because the same issue is on facebook where one might have to use similar methods to refresh the cache?


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