Twitter Card Validator message


I have installed the Twitter card meta tag on my wordpress website using SEO Yoast.

I have then validated at the card validator and it gives me this message in green * is whitelisted for summary_large_image card

Does this mean that this card is now live?


Sites should automatically be whitelisted for summary_large_image so yes, assuming everything was OK with the validation, you should be set.


Wows thanks for the very prompt reply. I presume that means I can go ahead and use it?


If you Tweet out a link it should include any card defined in a page in your site, yes. Remember that Cards only show up in Tweet detail view, not the timeline.


Thanks for this. What is the difference between Tweet detail view and timeline?


Timeline = list of Tweets / default page you’ll see as a user.
Detail view = page for a single Tweet.