Twitter card validator keeps returning HTTP status code 500


I’m trying to validate my twitter card, but the validator keeps returning HTTP status code 500. I even have one domain, that has been approved, and even that one keeps returning error 500 (even though when I tweet with a link from the already activated domain, the card works as it should).

What is going on? I’m trying to validate


I can confirm this issue. I am receiving the status messages “Server error, please try again.” and another one about “Technical difficulties”, and inspection of the connection shows as 500 server error.

We have been receiving this for 4 days (since Friday of last week) in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox (not that the browser should matter).


Anyone ever get an answer for this? We have been struggling with the same issues:

once when we validate it is OK, another refresh and gets 500 error, another refresh and it gets proxy error.

Very strange!