Twitter Card Validator Error (Pink Floyd?)


What I try to use the Twitter Card Validator, I get the following error: “exceeded 15.seconds to pink-floyd while waiting for a response for the request, including retries (if applicable)” Also seen in this screenshot: The URL I’m trying to validate is

This error is not helpful and I don’t know what the issue is with that page. I’ve included the necessary meta tags for the large photo summary card.

Anyone else having this issue, or resolved it?


I am really interested in having a response to this as well. I look at the metadata of @davedawson who started this thread and I don’t see anything wrong with it. I read a lot of the other responses to the same problem in the last few hours and nothing seems to apply to me.

The page that I am trying to validate ( ) is a development site running a NodeJS webserver.

I read this post:

  • I don’t have any robots.txt, so I expect I don’t dissallow anything.
  • I don’t run Apache so I don’t have a .htaccess.
  • I even removed the image from the metadata ( because it was not a ‘required’ field, I thought I could do without ) so I certainly not reach the limit of 2MB.
  • My server is hosted on Amazon so it should be pretty easy to access and if the Twitter crawler is in the US it should be pretty quick too.
  • If Amazon was blocking access by Twitter, I am certain I would have found a blog post about it.

So, having answered the list of possible explanation listed in the above-mentioned post, I am stuck and not sure what to so.

The Facebook crawler has no trouble accessing the page and as such I don’t think the Twitter crawler would have a problem. In fact, as soon as I enter my URL in the their Facebook developer’s tool, I see the access by their crawler in my webpage… But nothing when I use the Twitter validation tool. So, I expect this is why I get the 15-second timeout… but that does not help me solve the problem.

@davedawson: Hopefully, Twitter is going to tell us there was an outage of service in the last few hours… and I hope this is going to solve both our problems.


When you get the 15 seconds timeout, don’t hesitate to retry a few times.


I did indeed retry a few times. I even retried just now, 12 hours later.

And now I get “Internal Error. Try again later.” I guess I will have to wait a bit more…


Two days later, still the same “pink floyd” error. Anybody knows what is happening ?


Just a heads up, my issue was solved. I’m hosting on MediaTemple and it turns out that they were blocking Twitter from accessing their sites for cards. This issue has been fixed now. See this thread for more info: