Twitter Card Validation/Whitelist Error


Hello, a newbie here…so be gentle please! LOL!

I am using Yoast SEO on my Wordpress site and cannot get Twitter Cards to work. When I go to the validator site, I get a “WARN: Not whitelisted” error with no option to “apply” to get whitelisted. I am fairly certain that I have the Yoast SEO settings correct. Can someone assist me with what I should do?

The page I am using is:

Thank you.


I think you need to look into your Yoast settings again, because there is no twitter:card markup in your page source.


Thanks for the quick response…I have been through it numerous times. I’ll give it another shot then…


So I loaded a different plugin (JM Twitter Cards) and got past the whitelist issue. The validator shows everything OK, but when I tweet the URL, nothing but the URL shows in the tweet. Sorry if I am doing something really dumb here. I am probably the only person on the planet that doesn’t know how to use Twitter properly.


Looks perfect to me.

If you look at your profile in the web browser, you will see a small “view summary” link to the bottom right of the Tweet.

In the Twitter iOS and Android apps, you’ll see the card displayed right in the timeline.


Ah…thank you. I feel like the newbie that I am!