Twitter card validation problem


I seem to have to validate each url. Is there a way to help validate the whole site? When I validate url by url at the url will validate fine, but if I have not validated the particular url it does not work.


You should not need to validate each individual URL - your domain is whitelisted so the crawler should now start to discover the other markup when you are Tweeting the links.


I just tried another tweet today. No picture or Twitter Card. I went in and manually validated and it came up right after. My site is Any ideas would be helpful.


Here is an example. I just posted this My twitter is @more4kids No twitter card. The twitter card meta tags are there. Yesterday I posted after I validated the page for that post. The twitter card is there.

I am not validating so you can see that no twitter card comes up. The page you can review is where you will see the tags are there.

Any help would be great to get this working for me. I love Twitter Cards and really would like to have it work with our site.

More4kids International


I didn’t validate the URL, but I did just visit your Tweet about a minute after you posted here / 8 mins after you Tweeted, and the card is showing up.

I suspect there’s just a slight delay on some of the URLs getting grabbed by our crawler at the moment - should not be anything to worry about.


I think you are right about the delay. I just do the validation everytime to get it to come up fast.

Next question. Does Twitter Card with on subdomains?

The reason I am asking is this url no matter what I do I can’t get an image


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