Twitter Card Validation Failing



We are trying to get whitelist approval for our Player Card. Our player card page has https Youtube video embedded.
PlayerCard related meta tags are already setup on our live page.
When we validate our page, we get this error:
ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the fetcher cannot resolve the address.

All the Twitter Player Card meta tags have been embedded in the section of our page.

Our website is:
The subdomain site is:
Url for the specific page that has the Player Card setup:

Feel free to contact us if you need any other information.


Unfortunately a small percentage of domains have had issues lately with our cards crawler unable to resolve them - I’ll raise yours with the team.


Thank you Andy. We have a lot of rich video we need to share with the American Public re federal government health and human services so this validation is essential.


Hello, we have not had any response regarding this issue, is someone able to help us resolve as soon as possible?


We are still digging into the root causes of this issue that is affecting a small number of domains. I’m afraid I don’t have a resolution to report at the moment.


Hi Andy,
Just wondering if there is a way for our FedGov team to speak with someone to see if we can resolve the issue? Also, is there someone that can assist us with enabling our account for video on desktop while we work on resolving the twitter cards issue? We need to be enabled for