Twitter card validates, but image does not show up


The card validates, but the image will not show up. The url is Everything looks fine. Any ideas?


No idea, samething happening, my twitter card is validated, but images are not shown, logs show they can find the metatags and “twitter summary” description but nothing changed when i tweet.

May be my site is presently hosted on VPS and twitter staff says they take 7 days to cache (in that case how is cache related to my card) but i applied for whitelisting and i think it is whitelisted , i get no warnings but images don’t show up, they do on facebook but not on twitter.

I also put up a topic but no one replied so far.

Here is a link to my site :


Same here.
But my problem is: images were showing up before in other posts, but not now in new ones. It´s a WordPress site with SEO Yoast and the robots.txt is fine:

Is there a solution from Twitter?


There’s a chance that this is due to not being hosted on a domain, I’m not sure. The caching is described in our troubleshooting guide and relates to how the card is initially built on the Twitter side.


I’ve just taken a look at one of your recent posts.

You appear to have about 10 twitter:img:src tags in there. I do not know whether this is a Yoast issue (in which case, please raise a ticket with that plugin project), but this could be the reason why cards are not rendering correctly. I suggest you look into fixing that markup.


I’m having a terrible time as well with this. Checked robots.txt file and that is correct. Card validator, check. Image is less than 1 MB. When posting tweet, does not show image on the card and still has the “view summary”. Here’s the link to the page I’m trying to create a card for:

Please help!


Your card is working fine. The View Summary link will display the card when clicked. This is the expected behaviour.


So how do other users post with the full image already showing? Are they using paid campaigns?


If the image is showing / card is expanded in the timeline then yes, that’s the likely reason.


I’m running into the same problem. I get the following when I try the Twitter validator.

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 36 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = summary_large_image tag found
INFO: Card loaded successfully

It pulls the correct description and title, but no image.


Same issue with us.

Trying to share posts and nothing has changed and it has been working for months but now it would validate but wont show image in validator or on

Anyone can help?


From what I can see, the image ( is blocked by the robots.txt file. I can see you do have a line in the robots file which should allow Twitterbot access. As stated in the Troubleshooting guide, we follow Google’s robots.txt specification. It might be worth double-checking whether the directives are in the right order in that file?


Hi there can you please help me troubleshoot why my url is not showing image card ! this is the url I am using




@bodebliss54 we are unable to support the main Twitter website or app here, these are our developer forums. Please stay on-topic related to the developer platform thank you.


@andypiper can you reply to my question above.

Can you please help me troubleshoot why my url is not showing image card ! this is the url I am using



What troubleshooting steps have you tried? There is an FAQ post in this forum.


@andypiper I’ve been through the steps on the main link posted but am still unable to fix the problem. Do you have any further suggestions we have quite a lot of blogs on our site and know that this is affecting our CTR.


What are the specific URLs that are failing and what steps have you walked through? This seems to be a thread that has been reused.


hi, i am having the same issue… my card was validated last week and still there is no image showing up. Kindly help me. Here is the link of my website