Twitter card url passes the test on card validator tool, but our request is not approved


When we test a url on the twitter card validator, our url passes the test and the card is shown on the right side, but when we apply for approval we get an e-mail stating that the url did not pass the test and we need to re-apply. What could be the reason for this? We are applying for summary_large_image


Could you provide an example URL on your domain so we can investigate further?


We’ve solved the issue now, thank you.
Our site is loaded with ajax, utilizing hashbang urls. We made use of the escaped_fragment url get parameter which is used by the twitter bot to determine the content for meta tags, but we did not used meta tags for the root url. The card is approved after changing that.

Also, we did not use og:url property in the first setup. Including that might have solved the issue as well.


Great, glad to hear everything is working!