Twitter Card URL click analytics stopped



Hey all,
We set up Twitter cards for story pages on earlier this month and for a time were successfully tracking influencer URL clicks through the analytics. But then, as of Nov. 23, all data has fallen to zero. The cards still seem to be working and show up correctly when I use the validator tool. Here’s an example link:

I know this is pretty general, but any idea what might be causing this? Thank you - Gavin


I’m guessing this is related to the retirement of the URL share counts on the Tweet buttons, which happened at that date.


Are you using the Twitter Analytics dashboard for cards data?


Hi Niall,
Thanks for your reply. We are using that dashboard, but the data stops at Nov. 23rd no matter what I set the range to. It’s as if it just stopped collecting at that point. Here’s a screenshot. It says on there the range is Nov. 2-23, but it defaults to that when I set it for the last 28 days:


We’re having the same problem on our site. Twitter card analytics for any card activity doesn’t exist after Nov 22nd:

There hasn’t been any significant change in our metadata or habbits in that period

Twitter Card Analytics/Data Not Showing Up Despite Card Validation

Having the same problem here. Still tweeting large image summary cards as I always have, but they don’t show up on the Twitter Card Analytics page after November 22.


I am also having the same problem, there are no analytics past November 22 , all cards pass the validation test and I am also providing the required site property information. Has this issue been resolved for anyone? If so what is causing the issue?


This eventually resolved itself for us – the analytics returned and functioned as usual after about two weeks. I’m back, though, because they have again gone out. This time around, we haven’t had any Twitter card data since July 17. We haven’t made any changes and our links show up fine in the validator. Any advice on how to correct this other than just waiting it out again? Thanks.