Twitter card Unable to render Card preview


i try to create twitter card for my website but when i preview card in validator twitter card always show error log

“ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the request timed out.”

my url site -->

Please Help me…


How fast is your host? That’s usually the kind of thing that is due to bad network or server performance. What is the ping time?


Thank you so much for reply my question…

i ask to my provider host and have no idea about that…
all the way i do…
disable hotlink protection, modsecurity. and not work at all

this is the screenshoot ping my server

do you have the solution for this issue andypiper?

is there anyone who experienced the same issue like me?




I experience it a lot. Actually, it’s really hard to work with the twitter cards system because of that error…

Some tweets seem to work, and others don’t. The validator won’t work and after a few repreat, it will work once… for no apparent reason.

If you find any solution for that, I will be happy to know.


I think working with: can help a lot. Just found out that speed of page loading is really a big factor for the twitter bot.


Thanks netcum for ask,

I also assume that the factors causing this to happen because of slow web speeds and server…

maybe i will try to change server type in my provider. to better server


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