Twitter card top level domain bug


We are whitelisted for a handle card but when we do a card the .com domain shows as source.

This is a bug.


Thanks for reporting. Can you provide the URL and a screen shot?



If you look here the card picks up the TLD .com but cuts off the


Hi, i got a similar issue.

i really need help. I registered/whitelisted “” with the account “@pixelOase”.
But for the production we need the productive twitter account “@redglam_tv”.

So yesterday i registered the domian “*” but from the account “@redglam_tv” and today it was whitelisted.
But for the domain “” the player card is not working/embedded. There seems to be a problem with the whitelisting.

When i now want to whitelist “” with the account “@redglam_tv” it says to me that the domian "*"
is already whitelisted.

What can i do now to get the domain “” whitelisted with the “@redglam_tv” account?


For your purpose, ensure you have twitter:site and it will override the default. (It has also been updated on our back-end.)


I see AU on all references below.