Twitter card - timeout validation error



I’ve tried to implement Twitter cars through a variety of methods (manual code, Yoasts SEO and JM Twitter Cards plugins) for the Wordpress powered blog . Everytime I try to validate the URL I get a timeout: exceeds 3 seconds rule. The site is optimised to load as fast as it possibly can so I’ve run out of ideas on how validate and implement the cards.


I ran into timeouts and other errors trying to validate the new Gallery type cards. I was able to make some progress by using smaller image sizes.


Same problems here… no matter what I do.


Hi, I’m the creator of the plugin JM Twitter Cards. I’ve been checking your markup @flash_charlie and it’s fine when I put your URL in twitter cards validator so I do not know what’s wrong with your installation but I doubt this comes from my plugin.

Anyway feel free to open a thread on support if you do not manage to validate.


Hi guys,

Thanks @TweetPressFr for looking into it, if anyone else is having this problem my issue was that i was running my site through CloudFlare to optimize the loading times. This service seems to create a time out issue with Twitter cards. With CloudFlare turned off the cards work fine. I’m still hsing the JM Twitter Cards plugin, works great.


Hi! Thank You. Please help me to do this properly. I may have missed some thing . Any suggestions.
Thank You,


Do you know if there’s any problem with 000webhost? When I try to validate my card an error message appears saying: exceeded 15.seconds to pink-floyd while waiting for a response for the request, including retries (if applicable)

I tried adding a robots.txt allowing twitter bots with no results


I have the same problem and can not find any solution in site.

Someone knows the solution?

My server is 000webhost.


Yeah… same here.