Twitter Card Testing Tool?


I’m very interested in the new Twitter Cards and want to see if the code I’ve hacked out is working. The problem is how exactly to test it. Is there a Twitter Testing Tool akin to the the Facebook Linter and Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool?


Not at this early-most phase but it’s likely something you may see in the future.


Thank you @episod for the update. Also, is this only available for ‘partners’ or will you recognize the markup from any site?


At this very early stage: “As we roll out this new feature to users and publishers, we are looking for sites with great content and those that drive active discussion and activity on Twitter. Unfortunately we will not be able to respond to or approve all requests.”


Got it @episod. And I see that the request form link is live again. Many thanks.

I’m really excited to see these in action and am particularly interested in whether we’ll be given the ability to view these as open by default.


Last question, I swear @episod. The announcement mentions you’ll fall back on OG tags if they’re present. Will you also parse markup or fall back even further to standard markup like the title tag or meta description?


Hi AJ,

At this time we’re only leveraging OG and Twitter tags.


Got it Taylor. Thanks for the clarification, I appreciate it.


We were about to start the integration but then we saw this:
Player Card Restrictions

All player cards require special whitelisting and approval by Twitter.
Will our video player be whitelisted and approved? Or is the process that we just have to meet all the requirements first and then you decide?

We are not porn.

Sample video:



Just a follow up question if you will, when integrating Twitter Cards, how long does the ‘approval’ process take? :). Thanks S


Is there an update on this? Is there a way we can test Cards before submitting for approval?


I’m also interested to know how long the approval process is taking? Thanks!


It takes a few weeks for approval. If you implement the specs as defined in the documentation at we approve your submission. Player Cards may take a bit longer to get approved, there is more chances of something going wrong with those. See the Player Cards Checklist setcion of the documentation for some tips -


We are currently working on a publicly available preview tool. We will post the URL in the documentation linked here when it is ready and available.


Hi We are so excited to add the Twitter Cards to our website. How do we test our Twitter Photo Card Examples ? Is there any test url or firstly we need to approve our domain. Can we have a subdomain where we can test first and then move to real one ?


Thanks @froginthevalley for the updates re: approval process and preview tool. Looking forward to this as it develops!


so frustrating waiting… we posted to Twitter some 3000 pics yesterday on our release and they just don’t look as good as our competitors. #12 in the app store on day 1 and we can’t get such a seemingly simple thing done :frowning:



Seems like Twitter employees forget to Add the availability of Testing tool. You can find it here:

Hope it helps!


A few weeks. You should be approved by now, you can verify by tweeting a link to a page with the correct meta tags, if you have been approved, the card will be attached to the tweet.


Yes, you can use our preview tool at