Twitter card testing on mobile devices


It isn’t clear to me how I’m supposed to test my Twitter cards on mobile devices before being approved and going live with them.

I see that the card implementation flow is this:

[1] Test cards on desktop, Android (native browser and official app) and iPhone (native browser and official app)
[2] Submit application
[3] Go live!

But the preview tool is only useful for testing desktop and (I guess!?) the native browsers on Android and iPhone


[Q1] How can I test the cards on the official Twitter app for Andorid and iPhone?
[Q2] Is the preview tool used for testing how the cards will appear on iPhone and Android native browsers?

Please help me with this because the only was I see to do it is if the cards go live and I test them that way but of course they can’t go live before testing and approval!

Thanks a lot.

  • Daniel