Twitter card summary not working how I expect


Is it possible to share a card but have it point to another URL?

I have my twitter share button on a certain page of my website that shares the image on the page the user is on however, when I select the link it sends me back to that same page. Is there anyway I can change the link so it points to the home page of my application but still displays the image from the page the user shared the image from?


No, this is not possible. The card always refers to the Page that is directly linked in the tweet.


Thanks for the reply man been spending days trying this haha!

Do you know if it’s possible to detect if a user hits the application from Twitter then redirect them to the homepage? Or is that a breach of Twitters terms or something that I can’t do.


I don’t think this is possible and it sounds like a bad user experience to do this.


What you can do is redirect the user if the user agent is not “twitterbot” using server side logic.

So Twitter will render the card based on the page you shared, but users will be redirected elsewhere.

Not against terms as long as the content is related, it is not spam, is not impersonating another, malicious, etc.