Twitter:card : summary_large_image, Image is not shown up



Whenever I share post via twitter share button the preview image does not show up (twitter card image).

Here image dimensions are 640x350px (76kb)

Below is code to allow images for Twitterbot in robot.txt:
User-agent: Twitterbot

Still image is not showing on twitter card. Below is the screenshot;


Hi @anirudh235 - have you had a chance to work your way through this post?


Hi @Aurelia

I have checked the given post.

Please check the below inline comments:
if your image is not showing,
is it accessible on a URL that is not blocked by your robots.txt file?
-YES, the URL is accessible. It is not blocked by my robots.txt file.

Does it conform to our size constraints?
-YES, Image dimensions are 640x350px (76kb)

Are you using an absolute and full URL (including the http protocol piece), not a relative one?
-Yes, I am using an absolute URL i.e.


Does this website load for you?

or even

These links seem to be broken, this could be the issue.



The website loads properly.

Please check.


I’m unable to load the URL from this site. The browser times out, and so will the cards crawler.

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