Twitter card stopped showing - newbie and way out of my depth!



I’m really sorry to add yet another Twitter card question, but I am a newbie to web design and I am absolutely stumped by this and the potential fixes.

When I post a Tweet directing people to my site, such as: []( there is no longer a thumbnail image displaying on the title card.

I have trawled the internet looking for fixes relating to WordPress and whilst I have come across potential fixes, I have no idea about changing code or fixing robots.txt issues.

I am really hoping that someone might help me diagnose the issue and help me to implement a fix. I’ve really tried but just have no clue where to start or what’s caused the images to stop showing. On the test card site, I have no option to request whitelisting.

(Sorry for sounding so utterly acopic!!)


Looking at your individual articles, they validate fine. The top level site doesn’t seem to return an image, which I cannot quite understand.


I had the same problem and it wouldn’t show the images, but I should have been. I was using All In One SEO. when I switched to YOAST- the problem corrected. Maybe youshould try a new plugin to see if that fixes it. I think my problem had to do with the robot.txt file keeping twitter from the images so it wouldn’t populate.


I just got it to also work on All In One SEO. I followed this video I don’t know which SEO plugin you use but All In One and Yoast are both free and rated good. I hope this helps!