Twitter card still showing link in Tweet


I have Blogger and it’s been difficult trying to get the card to work on it and I finally got around to figuring out how to get the summary_large_image to work on my own so my code might not be perfect but it works. Got it validated YAY me!

So when I validate it shows me what it will look like in my tweet.

When I tweet the exact same URL it ends up looking like this, which has the URL showing too.
Is there a way to prevent the URL from showing? The huge URL kind of takes away from the clean look of the card.

I’m going to sneak in how much I dislike the fact you have to expand these. I miss so much due to that expand option.

Would love any suggestions since my next post is about inserting this card into Blogger. I have covered each step with ton’s of details and images so people who only speak English and not code can understand it.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


There’s no way to remove the link from the text display.

You only have to click to expand the summary card in the Twitter web timeline view - on Android and iOS, the card will appear in the timeline by default.


Thanks Andy Piper for your reply and so quickly. Were you able to look at my code that I used for the Twitter Card?

I am far from understand this whole world of HTML and everything else but I try to figure out everything I can on my own. All the methods I found online including the one suggested by Twitter just wouldn’t work for me on Blogger. All the one’s I could find for Blogger were very much outdated. I don’t know if it’s my template in particular that had the issue or if it’s a Blogger thing but I resolved all my issues by adding extra open graph tags btw I didn’t even know what those were until yesterday, I’m sharing a post of very detailed steps on how to get the Twitter Card to work for Bloggers and wanted to make sure what I did was correct.

If you wouldn’t mind I would appreciate it if someone could peak at it. Hopefully from sharing this method it might cut down on some topics for you.

Here is my link to instructions that includes the code I used.