Twitter Card Status a month later?


I am wondering what the status of my twitter card application is for I submitted it a month ago, and again when I never saw any response a week or two later. I understand you are probably a little backlog, but I recommend two things:

  1. When someone submits an application, you should send out an email to the person to let them know that the application went through okay. Even if it takes a while, knowing the application was received successfully is an important thing to most developers.

  2. Consider updating the time listed for how long it takes to process an application, if it is taking a month, it helps to let your devs know that. If it says 5-10 days and nothing has been done in over a month, devs get skittish.

Thank you,


Same here, my approval has not been replied to in over a month. How long does it take to get a reply/update?