Twitter card solution for DnsResolutionRequestTimeout issue


Hello, Twitter.

I found this problem since months ago. I’ve setting twitter card meta tag correctly. But when i validate, twitter cannt show the card?

I’ve look for some solution but there is no one can solve. My site is:

Please help us solve this problem.


I just tried validating this page and the validator can reach it - but you have two invalid / missing tags (twitter:image and twitter:title are both blank, and need to be completed).


I just update the missing tags
(twitter:image and twitter:title
you can validate it again.

But i’m sure that twitter card validator cannt show my site’s twitter card.

Please help, because it also become problems for my another site.


Seems to be working both in the validator and in a Tweet for me. Are you seeing an issue?


In twitter card validator, it cann’t show. And i got error report “ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: DnsResolutionRequestTimeout”

But after i check it by sharing the content. It show correctly.


OK - sounds like a temporary issue with the validator then - it looks like your card is all set.


Thanks Andy, have a good day!