Twitter card shows up on the single tweet but not on the timeline


As you can see, my “photo” card appears on the single tweet:

But not on the timeline:

I already validated the url.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Michele, cards currently do not show up directly in timelines, you have to click on them to get a detailed view including the card. This is the expected behaviour.


Hi, is this still the case? I believe twitter Cards should now appear in timeline but this card only appears in the individual tweet view rather than on the timeline.

How do you get a similar result to this account where tweets are appearing in the timeline? Is there something missing here?


Regular cards are not expanded by default.

The account you link to currently has website cards (which are ad products via showing, and also a number of pictures, which have been added to tweets via regular tweet-with-images functionality (i.e. they are not photo cards attached to web pages, they are just tweets with images attached - these are indeed expanded by default).

Whitelist domain on TweetDeck

Hi Andy, thanks for your reply - it’s cleared up the confusion. Much appreciated.