Twitter Card showing wrong username



My Twitter card sometimes shows up as being linked to the wrong username (@elcamino instead of @elcaminob). This is despite the card being set up and approved as being linked to @elcaminob. Does anyone know why this would be? It only happens occasionally.





Have you properly set up twitter:creator and twitter:site to make sure the content attribution is correct? Check out [node:16276] for the documentation about those tags.

Let us know if this helps.


Hi Romain,

Thanks for the reply! The twitter:site attribution was correct, however, twitter:creator was blank. I have now changed twitter:creator to @elcaminob too. Do you think that this is what could have been causing the problems? It is hard to tell immediately as I only experienced the problem occasionally. Is there some kind of re-crawl facility I need to use for this change to take effect?

Thanks for your help,



Hi El Camino!

You can try this technique: