Twitter card problems with meta tags


Hi there,
I have problem with twitter cards when i use them in my site. When i use tweet button in my site with meta tags this button can’t use meta tags in the tweet, for example it can’t use below meta tag in tweets!

<meta data-react-helmet="true" name="twitter:card" content="summary"/>
<meta data-react-helmet="true" name="twitter:creator" content="@monsterlessons"/>
<meta data-react-helmet="true" name="twitter:title" content="ReduxJS - combineReducers "/>
<meta data-react-helmet="true" name="twitter:description" content="В этом уроке мы познакомимся с методом combineReducers. Научимся разбивать большие редьюсеры на более мелкие."/>
<meta data-react-helmet="true" name="twitter:image" content=""/>

Here is the link to my website and page with meta tags. Is there problem in my source code?

I validated the page with Twitter validator and I get message “No metatags found”

Thanks for you help


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