Twitter Card Preview Not Working



All the meta-tags are included for the page along with some value i.e. not blank content and on using the Twitter Card Validator the image, description and related stuff show up nicely.
But on tweeting from my site the IMAGE is not showing up though the description and other data is shown.

meta property="twitter:card"
meta property="twitter:site"
meta property="twitter:title"
meta property="twitter:description"
meta property=“twitter:image”

Why the summary image is visible in card validator but not in the actual tweet

The URL is having authentication but while testing the above I removed the authentication, so image is showing up in Validator but not the actual tweet.


Please check the troubleshooting FAQ post for this category.


Hey Andy, we checked and tried everything but the problem remains. With the same meta tags applied for all pages the twitter images comes up only on quite a few and not all pages.

Any leads over this would be helpful.


Can you provide example links that do, and do not, work? Thanks.

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