Twitter card preview no longer showing player iframe (just image)


I was testing my card in the validator tool ( and only the image is displayed. The old validator (before the new card types where added) used to show the interactive iframe player. Is this intend behavior or is something not working?


Any updates from twitter dev team??


This is still not showing the player. The documentation claims the player should be the default for web card rendering. This tool is not a particularly useful tool if you can’t actually test with it


I’m having the same issue with the player card. Is there any update to solve this issue? Thanks.


Are there any news about this? The validator still displays the preview image instead of the iframe for me.


Just want to second this issue. I get an image appearing but the url for twitter:player is not appearing.


I’m also having this issue, in both Safari and Chrome. Actually, I’m getting neither the player nor the image to show. Javascript console shows a 404 on GET:…VVd3FtZVJVNGYUsAQUrAIAFgASAA&s=xFj7zhFKyYJA6DoY9lmYCornzjJ25zhQluNvcypbnpM
404 (Not Found)


Sorry for the delay. The current tool only shows the preview, and not the actual video. We’re always making improvements, so we’ll take this into consideration.



That’s fine @rchoi, thanks for the reply. We can always grab teh HTML codez and test it ourselves, it would just be convenient if the validator tool did it in-line.

I don’t mean to thread-jack, but I was wondering what the current turn-around time for card applications/approvals is?