Twitter card not working while validator tool validates perfectly


I recently started using twitter cards on my website. I approved the domain and got a confirmation email, I implemented all the required twitter card meta tags and the twitter card validation tool renders the card perfectly (with nothing but green flags).

All of this got me pretty confident that the cards would show up on twitter, but they don’t. What am I doing wrong?

Here’s the link to the tweet:

And here’s the link to the site mentioned in the tweet with the twitter cards meta tags:

This url validates perfectly in the validation tool.

By the way, I’ve never seen a twitter card anywhere on twitter before in my life. Is it rolled out worldwide or US-only? What’s the status on the twitter cards project anyway?


My card is showing for the first time :slight_smile:
The tweet I maid yesterday is today showing as a card. So how long does it take twitter to process the tweets to check for valid cards?


Did you do anyting after your first message? My website was approved and twitter card validation tool works fine. But the card is not working.

I wonder how to fix it.


I didn’t do anything. I just checked the next day, and the tweet showed the desired card. The card started showing after somewhere between 3 and 11 hours after the tweet was created


I see. I sent two different tweets which have different links, one of these tweets shows the card but other tweet doesn’t. I’m confused.


Twitter cards are not working for me either, however, validator tool validates perfectly!


Three of my App cards are validated and approved but they are not working at all. Beside waiting for them. I received an email for a card, I tested and it was working and then it stopped working too.

Following are the URLs for the twitter cards
that is pointing the app here

The other two are here

Please help!


Did you get any workaround for this issue? I am too having the same problem. Only the first tweet with twitter card seems working. All other tweets does not show the tweet in CARD format.


I am able to see cards for all your links in the validator. Can you please point me to the tweets where you are not able to see them?