Twitter card not working if shared from mobile



i go the twitter summary card for this link and other pages on my website. this card works perfectly if shared from desktop but if the web page is opened in a mobile where twitter is also installed then this card does not work.


I’ve just Tweeted this link and it displays a summary card on both desktop and mobile (tested in the current Twitter app version on iOS).


Sir it does not work on Android and Windows phone. Nothing from the page shows
On the tweet.


I’ll check on an Android device later. I do not know whether Twitter cards are supported on Windows.


Okay Sir, I will wait for your reply.


As expected, the card shows up fine in the Twitter app on Android as well as on iOS and on the web. Cards are not supported in other apps or platforms at this time.


Thank you for your response Sir.

But when I opened the web page on an Android mobile and clicked the button to share it on twitter via the twitter android app it always comes empty.

I have uploaded the screenshots of web page opened in android mobile and the twitter app that opens up when click on tweet button on the page for further consideration.

Sir, If there is anything else that i can do to make it work then kindly let me know.


Yes but when the Tweet is posted the card will show. It just does not show in the Tweet Composer. This is expected behaviour.


Sir, I tried it nothing from the card shows on the twitter.
May be i have to try it on another android device to test it.
If there is anything else that can be done to ensure its proper working then kindly let me know.


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