Twitter card not work on new twitter layout



Could you please tell me, why are my twitter card not working on new twitter layout. Twitter approved me summary_large_image card.
please tell me what should I do.


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Hello Abhishek,

Do you have a link to a Tweet with your card so we can take a look? Twitter Cards should work the same regardless of your profile layout.



Hi @romainhuet Romain Huet

thanks to reply.

Here is my blog post link : and here is twitter link :

My twitter card not work on my twitter link address and “home” show only summery card without image. I was select summary_large_image card and it is not working.

please resolve my problem.

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Please reply me,

My twitter summary_large_image card not working. If it is difficult then revert back my account on old twitter layout.

Please resolve my problem.



The [node:16853] docs state:

In order to use this Card, you’ll need to specify an image with a new minimum size and height. This Card requires an image with minimum width of 280, and a minimum height of 150. If the image is not that big then it will not display, even as a thumbnail. The Card will simply appear without any image attached. Image must be less than 1MB in size.

The image in your blog post is 72x72.


hi andypiper

thanks for your reply

can you revert me on my old twitter layout? please, if it is possible then do it. this is my humble request to you.

Have a good day