Twitter Card not validated because URL inaccessible


I have been trying to get my Twitter Cards whitelisted for this website. Every time I try I get an email saying "The URL you provided for to use the summary_image_large card is inaccessible."
I came across a closed discussion (@rchoi can you help?)which says that my host might be blocking web crawler from accessing the website, but how do I find out if my host (AWS: EC2) is really disallowing Twitter’s crawler to access the website? And if that’s true how do I fix it?


Hi there! Was just chatting with @pulkit here. Looks like you just have the twitter:card property wrong. It should be summary_large_image, not summary_image_large.


Such a silly mistake I did. Thanks @joncipriano I fixed it.
But the error message I was getting in my email and the cards validator log both do not help in debugging the issue. Maybe you guys should consider improving the error reporting.
Thanks anyway!