Twitter card not showing



I used to the validator, everything seems ok. But the link is not working when im trying to tweet it. I can’t see the Card

Can someone help me please


Is this for composing a card from an app via Fabric or another method?


I installed the plugin into Wordpress and Copy/Paste the link to validate it.

It usually works, but I don’t know why I can’t see the card on twitter.


Thanks, moving to the website category as a result instead of Fabric.


Im sorry Bonnell. I don’t get it


Hey @LivingWithKee Your original post had Tags associated with Fabric, the suite of SDKs offered to mobile app developers. Since this is a question on app cards and websites, I’ve retagged the issue so that folks with the expertise in this area will see it :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hi @LivingWithKee can you provide the link to the site where you’ve got the Wordpress plugin installed? Is this the official Twitter Wordpress plugin, or one from a third party?

You should see the card show up in the Tweet once you’ve posted it - it won’t show up in the Tweet composer box on the website or in the mobile app.


Hi @andypiper,

This is the plugin I have installed on my wordpress


Can you give us the link you’re putting into the validator? It would really be helpful.



Tweeted that link and it shows up fine? where is it not showing for you?


Oh I have to actually send the tweet… I thought It would show up in the “compose tweet” box …

Thanks a lot @andypiper :slight_smile:

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