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Hello I am trying to post links from my site to the twitter account but getting rendering issues. We did recently just changed our domain; but updated all the meta tags to reflect this. Here is the image:

Link form site:

Does anyone have an idea on this?



Yes. This is covered in the troubleshooting post.

Your site must have an SSL issue.


Hello, @andypiper
Thanks for responding so quickly
Here link to the publically-accessible URL where your Card markup is visible:

We did check our ISP and our SSL seems to be working as expected, other information that maybe help is we recently changed this url from to

Thanks a ton!


The site is graded F on, the error from the validator means there is an SSL issue.


@andypiper Okay thanks, not sure if matters but what is the minimum the grade should be?


@andypiper Thank you for your help; we ended up getting new Certs for the site and it fixed the issue.

Thanks again!

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