Twitter Card Not Showing Up


We have recently received approval on our Summary Twitter Card. All the tags validate properly, however when linking to the page from a tweet, the card does not appear. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Thanks for reaching out. Could you please send a link to a page where the Cards are implemented?



Same Problem Here. We implemented everything. When I tweeted It was showed some time. After that it’s not showing up. What is the reason?

Here is the link:


We’re having the same problem. Our domain (* is approved for Photo and Gallery cards. The Photo card is now working (e.g. ) but the Gallery card doesn’t (e.g. ). The Gallery card works in the preview tool. Any ideas?


Hi, we are having the same problem, we received approval and the card works in the validator, but it doesn’t appear in tweets.

Here is the link:

How can we solve this?
Thank you.


Hi @carbonmill.

You have app tags for android. Are you viewing the tweet on Android?


Yes, but we can’t see the card


Hi, we were very recently approved for Twitter product cards, but the cards don’t show up when we send a Tweet. Can you tell what the problem might be?
Here’s a link to a tweet:
Here’s a link to our webpage:

Another question: should the cards still appear if using a link shortening tool like Bitly?
Thank you!


similar issues:


Same here for Validated and approved but the cards are not showing up.

Type is Large Summary.


Our crawler is looking for a robots.txt file before accessing the image. The path to this file ( returns a 404, so the card is not rendered. More information can be found here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to add them here!


I do not see any submissions or approvals for @tkmmag. Were your cards submitted via a different Twitter account? Did you go to the “validate & apply” tab on the validator page?


They have started working a while ago, it must have been a caching issue. So everything is flawless, thank you for your reply.


You are welcome! Glad to hear your cards are working.


Hi, not sure whether this is the same issue, but my Twitter Card has been validated and approved, but when copying the URL in a tweet only the URL appears (in browser, Tweetdeck, official Twitter client, etc)… any thoughts?

Card URL is:



Hi I have the same issue, the domain is approved, metatags are present in pages and in the validator the cards appear. However when we tweet those URLs, cards are not displayed.

Page Example:

Metatags are on page

Tweet example:


@volotea, the server hosting your images has a robots.txt that does not allow the TwitterBot (or any bot) to access the images.

Please review the comments above on how to manage your robots.txt.


Thanks for the advice, we’ll check it and fix it, we thought it was allowed.


I have a similar issue,the domain is whitelisted, metatags are present in the page and in the card validator the cards appear. I also checked the robot.txt

However when I tweet the following url, the card doesn’t appear.
Any suggestion?

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 13 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = summary_large_image tag found
INFO: Card loaded successfully



Please note that there is a delay in fetching; after tweeting, please refresh page and see the card.

Also, Cards only appear on tweet detail, not on the timeline.