Twitter card not showing up as website is not whitelisted


We have 2 websites which we need to use twitter cards urgently:

When we try to use the twitter card validator programme it comes us up:
Unable to render card
INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 12 metatags were found
WARN: Not whitelisted

Please help - We need this issue sorted out asap!



Did you check through the FAQ and troubleshooting topic?

The first of those sites seems to work fine in the validator, the second does not, because it has no cards markup in the page.



Thank you for your response.

How do we add “the cards markup” into our page?


It depends on your platform. You will need to have your web developers look into this. We have full documentation on our developer website. Since cards are enabled for the first of the two sites, presumably they can repeat whatever was done for that site.

If you are using Wordpress, we also offer a Wordpress plugin that can help.


We use - do you have any specific guidelines for this as we have read through and tried the documentation link several times.

The first site was built using a different platform - and also the homepage does not allow twitter cards where as the rest of the site does.

It’s really quite frustrating.
Thank you for your quick responses - this is much appreciated


I can imagine this is frustrating for you! Sorry, but I have never used the platform. It looks like they have a support forum where some people have asked about this before and had some success.


hi andyppier, i have this blog with blogger that wount show image on my timeline even after i have been whitelisted for summary large card . i have tried ever thing i know to get this problem solved but cant . please kindly help me look into it my URL is thanks


I’ve already responded on another thread.


i guess there is something wrong somewhere maybe my firewall setting or something i really cant see any image on my timeline when i post even from hootsuite


You won’t see cards inside Hootsuite, only on the website or mobile apps.