Twitter card not showing right currency


My twitter card is approved and everything seems OK.
But problem comes when I tested my URL on twitter. On twitter currency is showing in USD but when I check my Source code it show INR.
Only currency name is different is both place but value remain same.

For eg:
In my Source Code: INR 20,000
On Twitter: USD 20,000

I am not able to sort this so please help me to figure this out.


Could you reply with a URL where I can find your meta tags? I will investigate further.


Hello All,

I am facing same issue.
In my case I am providing CURRENCY as GBP and PRICE as Product Price but when I check the URL in card validator the CURRENCY gets changes to USD and the PRCIE shown is also wrong.

The view source of the URL shows proper data, only the validator is showing this issue.

Kindly let me know what changes I need to make to eradicate this issue.