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I have visited different forums and articles regarding Twitter sharing and apply different solutions suggested in forums but all in vain.

Added following code in robots.txt file.
User-agent: Twitterbot
Disallow: *

Allow: /images
Allow: /archives

Also validate Twitter share URL on Twitter validator generating issue twitter card not found.

Added proper meta tags for twitter sharing as following.

<!-- Twitter Card Data -->
            <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary">
            <meta name="twitter:title" content="Graphic Designer">
            <meta name="twitter:description" content="Share this job">
            <meta name="twitter:image:height" content="157" />
            <meta name="twitter:image:width" content="300" />
<meta name="twitter:image" content="">

Sharing is working fine on other social media platforms. Kindly help me regarding this fix ASAP.

Website URL:

Screenshot URL for Twitter Validator issue:

WP Developer

$ curl
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Your robots.txt file remains incorrectly configured. Running the page through the validator confirms this with the error message stating that fetching is denied.

Before posting please ensure you’ve checked the steps in the pinned post as otherwise this takes a lot of our time to support you.


Hello andypiper,

Thanks for your response.

Now, I am using Twitter recommended plugin for sharing and removed robots.txt file from the root directory. Still facing same error ERROR: No card found (Card error).

Please check this post URL and let me know what is missing in meta tags or anything else.

Thanks for your help.


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