Twitter Card not showing large image as it had before - It is whitelisted



We are having trouble with loading the larger images on our summary cards. We’ve tried troubleshooting steps and the card validator and it has made no difference. No changes were made to metatags on our website so we do not know what has caused the sudden change. Below see current post compared to previous post along with card validators
Current (

Previous and how it posted at time of tweet. (

The previous link posted to twitter with a large mage (see above) but now only goes as a small side image. This is the case with all our links shared daily. Why is this and how can it be fixed?



You don’t have any twitter:card tag specifying a summary large image card (which is what your screencap of the Tweet shows). You only have og: tags, and og:type of article renders as a summary card (with small image) on Twitter.

If you add appropriate Twitter cards tags you should be able to have the summary large image card rendered.


Thank you, this was very helpful.


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