Twitter card not showing image



I have a website with all the tags. But its not showing image.
Validator does not show any errors regarding meta tags. Kindly help.

Here is the live link from the my website.

Please help.


The image is specified as

Attempting to access that URL returns HTTP 403 Forbidden.


Thanks for the reply.
If i try to access the link via browser address bar or click on the link, im able to access the image.

I had directory browsing disabled. Could that be an issue? Is that why twitter card is not able to access it?

Thanks in advance.


Is there anything else I can try?
Please help.
The image to be previewed in the twitter is very important for my new website to pick up pace.


You’ll need to talk to the site administrator for IIS (your web server) as I’m still unable to load that image, it returns a 403 error.


I have requested with the web server team and they have responded saying that they have given required permissions now.
But I’m still not able to get any image.
Can you please give another try from your end?


I have resolved the problem by talking to server hosting guys.
They gave the access to the images. Now the card is working fine.
The issue is resolved for me.
Thanks for the patience.


Hi there dondakayfry. Are you able to elaborate a little as I am still having the same problem trying to get our Twitter cards to display. What exactly did your host change?



You can check with your web server hosting team or hosting company to disable “Hot link protection” from their end and check.
If problem is resolved make sure that protection is not enabled again.


Thanks Dondakayfry. After a bit of back and forth with some more changes to robots.txt that didn’t appear to work, I think HotLinks has done the trick! Thanks for being the catalyst for that breakthrough!


You are welcome. Glad I could help.