Twitter Card not showing Image on Mobile


I’ve created a Twitter card, but it doesn’t show the associated image on mobile. This is an example tweet:

On a laptop, a small square thumbnail image is shown ( although i’d like for a bigger image to be shown ), but on my iOS device, the thumbnail is not shown and the link is shown instead.

Is it possible to have the image thumbnail show up on mobile?


You’ve posted a link to a hosted web page with an embedded YouTube video / player card. On mobile that would definitely be non-deterministic in terms of what is displayed. At the moment, if you tap into the detail view of the Tweet in question, you’ll see a player on mobile.


Can you explain what you mean by the mobile display being non-deterministic?

I just want the thumbnail image to be displayed with the tweet. There is a meta tag for a twitter image within the page so that it can be used, but it isn’t. Links to web pages that have the same meta tag are able to display the image. Is there something about a player card that causes it to not use the associated image?


On mobile platforms you need to tap in to the detail view of the Tweet to see the player.


It works the same way on the desktop as well. The player isn’t shown until the tweet is clicked on, but it shows a thumbnail image within the tweet as a Twitter card.

Other Twitter player cards like SoundCloud and YouTube are able to show images for their player card on both desktop and mobile.

How would I do the same?


Thanks for quick responses Andy! I just want to bump this again to see if we can get an image for our Twitter player card. That would be awesome!


Andy, are you still there? Do YouTube, Soundcloud, and other certain companies have special privileges when it comes to what can be shown using a player card or are they using a different style of player card that can be used by anybody?

I just want to know if I’m missing something when it comes integrating the Twitter player card or if it’s just something that we don’t have access to.

Please, let me know.


I’m curious about this as well. If ‘player’ cards aren’t expanded (or at least showing a thumbnail) in the native app feed, they are far less engaging than a simple non-card based post with an image (which is shown expanded by default). While it does auto-expand on Desktop, the native app experience, for us, is far more important. Given the current behavior, the Twitter card UX is a step backwards for us.