Twitter card not previewing for site page


Twitter Card with image is not appearing in my Twitter feed preview dialog. Error message in validator is: ERROR: Fetching the page failed because of other errors

URL is:

I did all the steps in the troubleshooting guide except for the curl step, I do not have Unix on either the server or my local machine. I tried using Powershell command “invoke-webrequest” with Twitterbot as user agent, and it looked okay from what i could see. No crawlers excluded in robots.txt file. Thank you very much,


There are issues with your site’s SSL configuration. There’s an incomplete certificate chain.


The Certificate Chain message has gone away. I got help from the server administrators to fix the certificate chain issue. I’m still not seeing the twitter card when I preview the Tweet, but it does show on my Tweet page. Is that expected behavior?


Yes, you will only see the card in the Tweet once it is posted.

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