Twitter card not accepting .vote domains?!



I have added all the necessary open graph metas to my site: and tried to use the Twitter Card Validator:
and it fails when using my .vote domain name, however if I use the IP address or another domain (I had to create to redirect to it works. Even when trying to use redirectors/url minifiers like, tinyurl and it fails the Card Validator unless I enter the IP address or .co domain.

Why does Twitter not acknowledge .vote domains? and how can I get around it other than purchasing another domain it allows? It makes no sense why they would fail some domains if they are valid.


I’ll see if I can look at the card validator and URL crawler’s list of acceptable TLDs, but it is possible that it is not completely up-to-date at the moment. I wouldn’t be able to provide any timeline for updating it, however. It looks like the twitter-text library does support .vote gTLD, so I’m surprised if the validator does not.


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