Twitter Card - No Image?



I’m having trouble setting up a twitter card on my website, the summary image isn’t being shown.


I have the following meta data:

twitter:card" content=“summary_large_image"
twitter:site” content="@DigiVu"
witter:creator" content="@DigiVu"
twitter:title" content=“Digi-Vu"
twitter:description” content=“Digi-Vu"
twitter:image” content=“

I also have the following backup og meta data:

og:url" content=“"
og:title” content=“Digi-Vu"
og:description” content=“Digi-Vu"
og:image” content=“

The image is also less than 5MB in size.

I have run several tests, so the card is cached on the URL. As a workaround I have been using bitly to test updates.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.



The file blocks all user agents from accessing /images/


Hello Andy,

Thank you for your help, I didn’t realise the robots file was blocking the directory.

I’ve managed to get it working as intended now.

Thank you