Twitter Card No Errors - Warn: Not Whitelisted




Everything was fine and dandy until I wanted to reword the meta description text. After changing the text and trying the validator, the test now comes back as the page not whitelisted. The url is

Any help would be appreciated. Sorry in advanced, I searched other topics like this one but seem to be all closed topics now.



I’m getting the same error:

<meta itemprop="image" content=">

<!-- Twitter Card data -->
<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image">

Unfortunately because the tag immediately before the Twitter cards markup is malformed (there is no closing " in the content attribute), the rest of the document is malformed from the perspective of our crawler, so the cards tags are ignored. If you fix that, it should work fine.


Player cards can take a short while to process for the whitelist request. When did you submit your request?

It does look like there could be something wrong with your player submission since the validator is unable to render the card preview. If you need an example Player card to compare with, we have a sample on Github.


Thanks @andypiper (Sorry for the Elementary mistake) Appreciate your response as it solved my issue.



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