Twitter Card loads when there is no meta tag


Lately I have been baffled by the appearance of empty Twitter Cards on pages where there is no twitter:card meta tag set. This happens on posts without an image. Some OpenGraph tags are used, but not og:image. For posts with an image, both the relevant Twitter and OpenGraph tags are set.

However, the Twitter Card Validator reports the card tag when there is none.
Now why would Twitter think there is a card when there is none? What am I missing?

INFO:  Page fetched successfully
INFO:  18 metatags were found
INFO:  twitter:card = summary tag found
INFO:  Card loaded successfully


This is likely because there’s now an OpenGraph fallback for summary cards.


Thanks. Yes, that would be the cause.

Then I suggest that Twitter also adapts its cards to not show a placeholder image when there is no og:image or twitter:image tag. Otherwise you get something like this:

That does not make sense. It looks like an error.

If there is an og:type tag, that does not mean there should also be an image. Facebook handles this situation more gracefully:


Thanks for the feedback. I’m not aware of plans to change this behaviour but I’ll mention to the team.


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