Twitter Card large_image_summary, image size is too small


I have implemented the Twitter Card Summary Large Image format on my website, it seems to have a small size image displaying on the stream. Here’s how it looks

How can I fix this?


It looks like Twitter changed the image thumbnail size to a smaller size on the photo card after the large_image_summary card release came out in the last few weeks.

The image that shows up in the live Twitter feed is much smaller than previous photo cards size and the new large_image_summary. This images are much smaller that the version shown on the dev validator tester.

Is there a way to get the images on live Twitter to be the same larger size they are in the validator preview and previously shown? I looks like margins have been set very large on 3rd party cards displays.


Did you try using the image: width and height meta tags to specify the dimensions?


Hi ArtfulGeek, What i include the width and height Twitter tags on my website?



I have the same problem I have listed the large image but a small one is being shown

My site is:

Appreciate any help. :slight_smile: