Twitter card is pulling only the default information not the individual post



Hello, I was able to set up the large-image-summary card in my WP blog: ""
this is custom WP site ( not Using WP 4.5. I didn’t use plugin, I just added twitter code to the header of child theme. Validation works great. Took some time to check the image, but the card is pulling the default information from header just fine. But the problem is not pulling information for each individual post:
I found this topic in the forum from 2013 Summary Card information not showing up for individual posts but showing up for domain
which has not been resolved.
I appreciate any help or advise.
Thank you


If I open that post, the tags are all the same as they are in your “default” - if you are putting information into the theme header then it will be the same for all of your pages, as far as I understand it?

Is there a reason why you don’t want to use a plugin? We have a Wordpress plugin that you could use if you like.


Thank you for your respond. My company would like not to use plugins. Do you have any suggestion for reference?
I appreciate your help in advance.
Thank you


I guess you would have to manually change the information in the header for every page or post on your site, if you want each one to have different descriptions or images.


Thank you, I figured the code. Thank you.

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