Twitter Card images will still NOT appear from my website


When I try to tweet a blog post from my website, it often tweets the text without the image.

When I try to validate it I often (NOT always) receive the message:
“ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the request timed out.”

For example:

usually will not tweet with the pic included.

Before you answer please stop and read this: I have researched this extensively on twitter forums. I know there are tons of answers and theories, etc. And I know a lot of people are experiencing this problem.

The important thing is:

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes a blog post will tweet with picture. Sometimes the exact same post will tweet without picture. Same blog entry. Same twitter account. Even 5 minutes apart.

All of the suggestions I have read seem to indicate problems that would result in the picture NEVER posting. What could be the reason for it to so completely sporadically post, along with a time out error message?

Thanks for any help, anyone.


Everytime I fetch your site normally, it responds fairly fast. Everytime I fetch it with the User-Agent set to Twitterbot (our cards crawler), there is a delay of several seconds, or a complete hang. I imagine this is something to do with the web host’s configuration blocking or slowing certain User-Agents, but I cannot be certain of that. Either way, unfortunately it looks like something on the server side.


Additionally, that page contains this markup:

<meta name="twitter:image" content="" />

Attempting to load that image in the browser results in a 404 not found error.


Thank you for the guidance, andypiper. I fixed the second issue with the jpg.

As for the first issue, I believe it turned out to be an issue with my web hosting. The MySQL database and the web service were being hosted on two different servers. One in Oregan and one in Virginia. I believe the lag time from that disparity cause the Twitter cards to commonly fail to post.

The host consolidated the web service and the MySQL onto the same server and the performance improved vastly.

In fact… since I know these Twitter card issues seem to be a common theme on the forums… I wonder if it is a good idea to note my experience for others to investigate.


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